Welcome word

    On my behalf and on behalf of the faculty members in the Department of History and Geography, we welcome you most warmly. We are pleased to share with you the progress and vision of the department and its future aspirations. The department is affiliated to the College of Arts, and we seek in the department, which was established in 2013/2014 AD, that our students have the opportunity to benefit from the most profound and rich experiences in their field of specialization in order to contribute effectively and excellence to the progress and advancement of their society, especially that the science of history supports nations and stores their memory, and is a translator for their present and foreseeing their future. It is known that geography is the theater of history, and it is the place and ground of the event. It is fortunate that the department includes the two majors of history and geography together. We look forward in the future to developing a postgraduate program in both history and geography majors. The department includes six faculty members in the Department of History and four members of the Department of Geography, who came across different academic ranks. The department looks forward to achieving the university's vision; To be a center for scientific and cultural radiation, and an active element in building the nation, and building integrated knowledge for the university student by linking the student to his heritage and his surroundings.

Dr. Hussein Raja Shuqairat

Head of Department