Faculty of Business and Economics - Business Management


Associate Professor

د. جهاد صالح ثلجي الدحيات



Associate Professor
د. جهاد صالح ثلجي الدحيات
Faculty of Business and Economics - Business Management
Educational qualifications and certificates

¨  Doctor of Philosophy

PhD/ Business Administration (Focus on Strategic Management, 2006)

University of Huddersfield

United Kingdom.

¨  Master of Business Administration

MBA/ (Dissertation, Human Recourse Management (1999)

Al-Albeit University, Jordan.

¨  Bachelor of Science

BAS/ Administrative Sciences (1991)

Mutah University-Jordan
Office hours

I am currently teaching Management courses for both Undergraduate and Post graduate students belonging to degrees of BBA, MBA.

My vast teaching experience has prepared me well for a successful academic career that excels both in teaching and research. Having taught a variety of classes and students (undergraduate, postgraduate and executives), and having an effective teaching philosophy, I believe that I am a perfect blend to be an able member of your teaching department.

The students’ evaluation in both PG and UG reflect my excellence in the class room and the satisfaction with my teaching style which is using innovative classroom activities to promote my students’ critical thinking, communication and leadership skills.

I have adopted different methods for teaching for UG, PG and Executives as they come from different backgrounds and mindsets. Unlike my students who are undergraduates, my students in the EMBA program are mostly senior executives.

My primary task in the EMBA program is to provide in depth sessions for the students. Executives manage both work and study at the same time. Thus, I try to be more understanding towards their needs.

I have more than 15 years of experience of teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.  I impart contemporary knowledge through lectures, international/national case studies and research in the areas of Management (Strategic Management).

To add value to the existing body of knowledge in the areas of Management (strategic management), my contribution is through publications in ranking journals/conferences, working papers, review of research papers, and research networking.


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