College of Arts - International relations and strategic studies


Associate Professor

Dr. Hasan Abdullah Al-Dajah د. حسن عبدالله الدعجه


Associate Professor
Dr. Hasan Abdullah Al-Dajah د. حسن عبدالله الدعجه
College of Arts - International relations and strategic studies
Educational qualifications and certificates


- Ph. D in political science, with first division honors from the Institute for Arab Research and Studies in Cairo.

- Master of Political Science, with grade (First Division), from the University of Karachi, Pakistan.

Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism, Mass Communications and Public Relations from the Institute of Science in Karachi, Pakistan.

Bachelor's degree in political science with honors (First Division) from the University of Karachi in Pakistan.

Office hours

Dr. Hasan Abdullah Al-Dajah is an Associate Professor, He is the pioneer of the contemporary theory of intellectual security (2019). Department of Media and Strategic Studies, Faculty of Arts, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. A Consultant to the Belt and Road Institute at Beijing University of Language and Culture, Beijing . Former Head of Media and Strategic Studies Department, former Vice-Dean of Scientific Research, Former Editor-in-Chief of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University Journal for Research and Studies. He was Visiting Professor as a researcher at the University of Jena Germany 2011 and 2012, three months each, as DFG grant winner .He was Visiting Professor at Nayef Arab University for Security Sciences, worked as former Head of the Department of Human Security and former Deputy of the College of Strategic Sciences. He has published many books, research papers and articles:

Books: He has published more than 15 books as an author & co-author of  mainly in Arabic one in English language ; hear some of it : "World Sinology Studies " titled: Human Society Fights Epidemics and Fights Hate Speech - Towards Global Future Cooperation(2020),Theory of Intellectual Security (2018) Naif Arab University for Security Sciences.The Impact of Security Media on Youth (2015) ) Naif Arab University for Security Sciences. Political Theory from Ancient Times to the Modern Era (2009) With the endorsement of the Ministry of Culture.Jordanian Society in Post-Globalization  (2009) Wael Publishing House Amman. The Impact of Globalization on Arab Culture (2004) Arab Renaissance House, Beirut. International variables and scenarios of Arab culture (2004) Arab Renaissance House, Beirut. The Future of Arab Culture in a Changing World (2002) The Ministry of Culture, Amman. This is Jordan (1996) English language The Ministry of Culture, Amman.

Same of  Research and Articles: Al-Dajah, H. A. (2019). Contemporary Theory of Intellectual Security. Canadian Social Science, 15(3), 11-22.  Al-Dajah, H. A., & Al-I’weisat, Q. S. (2019). The dimensions of Arab regional security and its perceptions for the period (2010-2017). Research on humanities and social sciences, 9(22), 1-13. Kreishan, B. T., & Al-Dajah, H. A. (2019). The World National Security in Shadow of the Digital Space. Canadian Social Science, 15(11), 8-19. Al-Dajah, H. A. (2016). Economic Causes of Extremism Intellectual (Thoughts) Views of Graduate Students Using Multivariate Statistical Techniques. J. Pol. & L., 9, 160.).  Al-Dajah, H. A. (2015). Political Culture of the Arab Community in Germany-A Field Study. J. Pol. & L., 8, 191. (Al-Dajah) Ayed, H., Oppelland, T., Mubark, M. M., AL-Oweimer, W., & Malkawi, N.(2013) Political Integration Levels of Arab Community in Germany.(.International Journal of Multidisciplinary Thought: 3 (2): 185-192.(Al-Dajah) Ayed, H. A., Mubark, M. M., & Al-Oweimer, W. A. (2012). Attitudes of the Arab Community in Relation to Cultural Identity and Social Integration in Germany. Canadian Social Science, 8(1), 191-199. .(Al-Dajah)Ayed, H. A. (2005). The Influence of Internet in the Political Culture (A Field Study). Journal of Social Sciences, 1(3), 128-135.  ...ext.

Papers Presented:

Al-Dajah, H. A.(2020) Belt and road and the promotion of peace and cultural cooperation. (Belt and Road Cultural Development) ,The Opening Ceremony of The Belt and Road Institute of Beijing Language and Culture University  , The First Belt and Road Sinology Cultural Forum,7-8/1/2020 , Beijing .

Al-Dajah, H. A.(2019) China's Role in Maintaining World Peacekeeping and Stability, paper presenting in  6th Global China Dialogue held in  British academy, London 7 December.   Al-Dajah, H. A.(2019) Jordanian - Chinese futuristic Investment visions , For a prosperous global future, A Paper presented to the Asian Civilizational Dialogue ,held in Beijing on 14-17 May 2019.Al-Dajah, H. A.(2020)  Visions of the leader Xi Jinping to achieve the Chinese dream, "China’s vision for governance and development" (2020).and many papers in Chinese topics. Also, a dozens journal articles & books.




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