College of Engineering - Computer Engineering

Specialization: Computer Security - Privacy protection

Assistant Professor

Dr. Bilal Ibrahim Alqudah

+(962) 321-79000

Assistant Professor
Dr. Bilal Ibrahim Alqudah
Specialization: Computer Security - Privacy protection
College of Engineering - Computer Engineering
+(962) 321-79000
Educational qualifications and certificates
 PhD. in computer science and Engineering
Masters in computer science and Engineering

Office hours
Posted at office door , or you can email me any time to arrange a meeting 



Dr. Bilal Alqudah currently is Assistant Professor at the College of Information Technology at       Al-Hussien Bin Talal University (AHU), Maan- Jordan, served as the Chair of Computer Science Department in act then the Chair of Department of Computer Information Systems. Currently, Dr. Alqudah serves in several committees at College of Information Technology working to improve academic work, research, and social life for students and staff at school. Dr. Alqudah established the training lab at AHU- College of IT providing practical training for AHU students in programming and technology. He gives seminars and training courses for both students and staff and coordinates student teams participating in national or international competitions.


Dr. Alqudah serve as an International Expert in Cyber Security, Privacy Protection, and Computer Security at Penal Reform International (PRI) providing a specialized training in middle east and North Africa. Dr. Alqudah is a lecturer and trainer for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and has lectures sponsored by EDRAK, Central Bank of Jordan, and Islamic Bank of Jordan.


During his PhD study, Alqudah served as a teaching assistant and a software developer at Southern Methodist University (SMU) at Dallas, Texas, USA. Alqudah received two of the best research awards in 2014 and 2015 at Lyle school of Engineering at SMU. He completed a PhD degree Computer Science and Engineering- specialized in Computer Security and Privacy Protection (2015) and master’s degrees (2007) in Computer Science from Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering. In (1999) Alqudah earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science, focusing in his study in natural language processing and compiler design, from Mut’ah University at Karak, Jordan. He did a partial study towards master’s degree in MIS. He is studying information privacy, security, networked trust and policy exchange, access control and cryptographic access

control. Dr. Alqudah academic work is very cross-disciplinary and utilizes analytic, empirical and experimental methodologies.


Research Interests: Computer Security, Access Controlling, Cryptography and Cryptocurrency(blockchain) , network security, Policy Design.

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