Petra College of Tourism and Archaeology - Archaeology


Associate Professor

د. بلال احمد عوض ابوهلاله


Associate Professor
د. بلال احمد عوض ابوهلاله
Petra College of Tourism and Archaeology - Archaeology
Educational qualifications and certificates
دكتوراة في  العلوم  و التكنولوجيا للاثار و التراث الحضاري
PhD, Science and Technology for archaeology and cultural Heritage
Office hours

1.      B. AbuHelaleh, S. Bourke, U. Thun Hohenstein. The developing craft of bone tool technology at Chalcolithic Teleilat Ghassul, Jordan. 2018. Mediterranean archaeology & archaeometry. Pp. 123-131.

2.        Bellal Abuhelaleh, Daily work bone objects from Ba’ja Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site in Jordan. 2018. Al-Hussein Bin Talal University Journal of Research. (Accepted).

3.      Hans Georg K. Gebel, Marion Benz, Christoph Purschwitz, Barbora Kubíková, Denis Štefanisko Amer S. al-Souliman, Katie Tucker, Julia Gresky, and Bellal Abuhelaleh 2017. Household and Death: Preliminary Results of the 11th Season (2016) at Late PPNB Ba‘ja, Southern Jordan, with General Project Information. Neo-Lithics1/17. Pp. 18-36. 2017

4.         Saad Ahmad Twaissi, Bellal Abuhalaleh, Fawzi Abudanah, Adeeb Al-Salameen. The Architectural Aspects of the Traditional Villages in Petra Region With Some Anthropological Notes. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Vol 7, N. 4. Pp.336-352. 2016.

5.      Giulia Rinaldi, Bellal Abuhelaleh, Ursula Thun Hohenstein.Da Felsina a Bononia: studio archeozoologico e tafonomico dei resti faunistici provenienti dallo scavo urbano di via D’Azeglio (BO). Universita di Ferrara, Annali online, Museologia scientifica e naturalistic, 7 convegno nazionale di archeozoologia, Vol 11, N° 2, 93-96 (2015)

6.      Bellal Abuhelaleh, Maysoon Al Nahar, Ursula T. Hohenstein,Gabriele L. F. Berruti, Emanuele Cancellieri: An Experimental Study of Bone Artifacts from the Neolithic Site of Tell Abu Suwwan (PPNB-PN), Jordan. Adumato Vol, 32. Pp: 7-20 . 2015.

7.       Abuhelaleh Bellal, Al Nahar Maysoon, Berrutti Gabriele Luigi Francesco, Cancellieri Emanuele and Thun Hohenstein Ursula. Study of Bone artifacts and use techniques from the Neolithic Jordanian site. The 11th ICAZ International Conference of ICAZ (International Council for Archaeozoology) Paris, 23-28 August 2010.

8.      Thun Hohenstein U., Abuhelaleh B., Petrucci G. and Steffè G. La gesttione delle resorse animali in un sito del Neolitico antico: risultati preliminari dello studio archeozoologico delle faune di Casalecchio di Reno (BO): Atti del 6 convegno nazionale di archeozoologia.163-166, 2012.

9.      Thun Hohenstein U., Abuhelaleh B. and Pessina A. Risultati preliminari dello studio archeozoologico delle faune dell’abitato neolitico di San Biagio (Mantova). XLV Riunione Scientifica dell’Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e  Protostoria. Preistoriae Protostoria dell’Emilia Romagna. Modena. 26-31 October 2010.

10.  ABUHELALEH B, FONTANA F, GUERRESCHI A, THUN U.  H, Zooarchaeological & Taphonomical Analysis of the Epigravettian Faunal Remains in Riparo Tagliente Unit stratigraphy 11. Verona-Italy. Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica, Master theses 2004/2005, Annali dell'università degli studi di ferrara, international erasmus mundus master quaternary and prehistory, Volume speciale 2008.




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