About Us

 It is my pleasure to welcome you to the page of Petra College for Tourism and Archeology on the website of Al Hussein Bin Talal University. I hope that this page will provide you with useful information and answer your questions regarding the college and the academic programs it offers. The academic and administrative staff in the college have drawn  spirit of 'love of work' and challenge the difficulties of the spirit of the Arab Nabataeans who volunteered the rock in the city of Petra and made it one of the wonders of the old world. The College is close to the entrance to the timeless city of Petra, a city described by an English poet as a “half as old as time”. Therefore, we find that the planning of the buildings of the college and building materials in it carefully took into account the privacy of the place and the spirit of time. The faculty's specialties have also been in harmony with this spirit through the teaching of archeology, hospitality sciences and tourism. The Nabataean Arabs and the people of the region were known for their hospitality. This is a classic historian, citing a friend who visited Petra in the first century and found Roman merchants and many others. As they rode the high seas and swept the land, their effects on the Mediterranean islands and near Rome are the best witness to it. Not only that, the faculty is located close to the five-star hotels and travel and tourism offices where students receive training under the supervision of people with experience and knowledge and high skill, and also get employment opportunities during their studies at the College and after graduation.

The Petra College for Tourism and Archaeology at Al Hussein Bin Talal University always welcomes you and looks forward to welcoming visitors and students to its campus.

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