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 College of Science has been established in 2000 with four academic departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences. All departments award B.Sc. The College has only one M.Sc. in Mathematics, which was introduced in  2015. We are looking forward to adapt other master degrees in the college that are consistent with the development of science and technology. Our College is committed to teaching, researching and interacting with society such as industry, government institutions, professional institutions, and the ministry of education. The College of Science is consider to be as the nucleus of the faculties of basic science, technology and medicine and it is focusing on the basic science and its applications of scientific knowledge .  The College is seeking to provide a dynamic environment aimed at supporting academic creativity, innovation and excellence in teaching and learning as well as research in different disciplines. We direct all activities to teaching, research and communication and channel our work towards future thinking, community results and responsiveness so that we can achieve our vision to be the first institution in science and technology not only in the Southern part of Jordan, but also in the whole region of our country. In addition, we look for to empower our students to meet the challenges that they may come across in their future as alumni                                



The College of Science aspires to be a lighthouse of science in higher educationand a center of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge in the region through research and teaching in basic and applied sciences by prominent faculty members at local, regional and national levels in the education and research sectors, Integrating and applying the principles of science according to international standards.



The mission of the Faculty of Science is to contribute to scientific knowledge in ways that have significant local and global issues, to guide students who possess a fundamental understanding of their fields and the expertise needed for future careers in local and regional industries marketplace. Our mission is also concentrated on developing and supporting academic programs that meet the challenges of Jordanian competitiveness in Science and Technology education. The college will continue to develop to meet the changing needs of students, the local Jordanian community, and the global society in the future.




1.        To become one of the top science faculties in Jordan as well as in the national academic society.

2.      To provide excellent courses, innovative curricula and learning environments.

3.       Meet the accreditation criteria and the Quality Assurance of teaching requirements.

4.      Open new graduate programs to meet the new scientific and technological needs.

5.       To provide professional support and consultation for high school science teachers throughout the country.

6.      To produce graduates who are well versed in a broad range of topics in the sciences and humanities.

7.      To support faculty and students to contribute to their scientific knowledge with the local and global communities.

8.      To continue to write successful Grant proposals to fund faculty research,  program development and improved technical and laboratory facilities

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