The current President's speech

       First of all, I welcome you to the official website of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. This university was established in 1999 at the beginning of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, the Most High, receiving his constitutional powers with this great name. The name of Hussein is the most precious of men, may God have mercy on him. It is an official Jordanian higher education institution. Since its establishment, it has worked to achieve many academic, research and institutional achievements and achievements. It helped us to be an effective partner in the Jordanian society, and to be one of the nation's leading universities.

      And since we are a national university, we realize our responsibility to promote the culture and identity of the Jordanian society, which supports the vision and philosophy of the Jordanian state, and promotes development strategies in the homeland.

     The philosophy of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University is based on excellence by contributing to national development in its scientific, economic and social aspects, specifically supplying the educational and economic sectors in the southern region of the Kingdom with its need for qualified cadres in various fields and responding to the environment surrounding the university by offering specializations and programs that are suitable for mining and mineral environments In Ma'an, the archeology and tourism in Petra, and the various computing specialties, in addition to seeking to introduce new specializations that suit the labor market.

     We hope that the university’s website will introduce you to the university’s colleges, specializations and future plans, and that it will facilitate our communication with you at all times.

    We hope that God will guide us and you for good and repayment and persistent hard work to reach distinctive results, and to achieve the vision and aspirations of the country's master, His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, and we also seek to implement pioneering ideas with a solid academic, analytical and scientific approach to find tangible benefit and achieve the goals of care and development for all interested .


University's president

Prof. Dr. Atef Kharabsheh

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