Vision, mission and goals

We aspire to have the expertise and excellence in research, education, education and education solutions to improve our outputs to contribute to the development of Jordanian society. We work to produce educational research, disseminate knowledge, and prepare teachers to be leaders in their fields to promote the effective development and performance of individuals, schools and families. Teaching and learning students is the focus of our mission. We work for schools and school systems to train teachers effectively to help all students learn. We also prepare principals and supervisors to help achieve our goal of learning and learning. The college pays attention to the development of positive attitudes among students and members of the local community towards education and its importance in the social and economic development plans in line with the fact that education is an investment process rather than a consumer. The College seeks to build the Arab national Islamic character in its students and enable them to transfer it to our children in the schools of public and private education and develop the conscious mind that is open and interactive with the latest developments of life in a creative creative spirit, characterized by its modern Islamic Arab origin through advanced educational plans and programs. Objectives: To create a university environment for student success. Achieve national recognition of the quality of academic programs through the application of accreditation standards and quality control and quality. Development of scientific research and graduate studies. Developing the administration of the college and its academic and administrative departments. Strengthening the relationship between the college and its graduates and marketing them to employers. Strengthen partnership with community institutions and cooperate with community institutions in the service of its members.