About us

The Department of Computer Information Systems was established in 2009 to cope with the development of the information technology world. The Computer Information Systems specialization was part of the Information Technology Department in the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering. The teaching started in the academic year 2002/2003. After the establishment of the Faculty of Information Technology in 2009, Computer Information Systems has become an independent department in the College of Information Technology, which also includes the Computer Science Department and the Software Engineering Department.

The Department of Computer Information Systems has 6 members of the faculty with a doctorate degree, one at the rank of professor and three assistant professors, in addition to (3) masters and a secretary.

The Department of Computer Information Systems has obtained accreditation from the Accreditation Authority for Universities in Jordan.

The department provides students with a variety of subjects related to information system analysis and design, information security and confidentiality, network management, knowledge management systems, database systems, e-commerce and application development, system building and simulation, the Internet and its applications These are related to topics such as computerization, analysis and business administration. The College has eight labs for students in order to raise the practical skills of students in the field of specialization. And the skills needed to analyze, design, develop, operate and manage information systems in any government or private business organization.