Vision & Mission

To excellence locally and internationally in the delivery of scientific and research programs, and the graduation of cadres able to keep abreast of the development in various areas of information technology.
The College seeks to contribute to national development through the preparation of distinguished cadres in the various information technology fields, which have an integrated personality, so that they will be able to cope with the requirements of the age and the needs of the labor market, and can contribute effectively to serve the local community and meet the needs of the local and regional market current and future in different Areas of Information Technology.
The faculty of information technology aims to :
Provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with information technology efficiently and efficiently.
Developing the student's sound attitudes toward teamwork and positive interaction with society.
To graduate competitive competencies with distinguished academic and research personality and qualify them to engage in the labor market.
Contribute to meet the needs of the local and regional community in the fields of information technology through the creation of qualified scientific qualifications.
Improve the quality of scientific research in the college and focus on research that serves the needs of the local and regional community.
College development and educational facilities.
Improve student services.
Development of new academic programs.
Enhancing the follow-up of college graduates and coordinating with labor market institutions in providing job opportunities for graduates.

Achieving quality control standards and quality of the program according to local and international quality standards.