About the Center

The Nabataean Centre for Archaeological Studies was established in March, 2004 by the University Senate. It was dedicated to studying the country's archaeological heritage, with a focus on Nabataean Studies. The Centre is housed in the campus of Petra College for Tourism and Archaeology, Wadi Musa.

The establishment of this research Centre provides direct practical experience for students in all aspects of archaeological and cultural heritage management. It will provide facilities that will facilitate the conduct of post-graduate research projects in the future.

Vision & Mission

The Center's main mission is to promote the study of the ancient heritage and civilizations through; investigating, understanding, and raising awareness of the archaeological resources of Jordan in general and southern Jordan in particular.  As well as  training graduate and undergraduate students in the methods and modern techniques of archaeology; and Educating the public about what has been learned through archaeology about the different groups that have lived in our region in the past.

This Center will therefore offer opportunities for researchers and students at every academic level to develop their full research potential, which is an important aspect of the Center's main mission.

Through joint projects, training workshops, consultations and collaborations with researchers and institutions all over the world, we will be able to promote the investigation and understanding of the archaeology, art and history of the Country.