About us
Head of Department
Dr. Sultan Maasfeh
The Radiology Department was established in 2013 due to the local community’s need for specialists in health fields, as it proposes a four-year program to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of radiography in which the student studies 136 credit hours, during which he acquires distinguished scientific and practical experience in medical imaging using the latest devices in Department and university laboratories, and radiology departments in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services.   The department works to review the study plan periodically and regularly based on the needs of the local market, and to develop curricula in line with the scientific development and the extent of its conformity with the local and international accreditation standards by pr...
Faculty Members
Associate Professor
د.حنان حسن خضر صالح

د.احمد مصطفي ابوكنة

Assistant Professor
د. سلطان عبدالمجيد سليمان المعاسفة

مهند عادل الصياح

د. محمد عقيل عكاشة الزبون

عبد الله عوده عبدالله دويرج