About us
Head of Department
Dr. Moath Alsafasfeh
  Welcome to the home page of the Computer Engineering Department at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.   The Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2003 to be an essential resource in building a generation of computer engineers with high efficiency and individual ability in the development, design, operation, and application of computer hardware and electronic digital systems, user protection, system automation, and making devices and systems smarter. The Department of Computer Engineering offers two bachelor's programs: the first in Computer Engineering and the second in Network and Information Security Engineering, which was founded in the 2020/2021 academic year, and the Master's program in Network and Computer Engineering...
Faculty Members
أ.د.حسن محمد موسى الشلبي

Associate Professor
د. خالد محمود دوينع متروك

Associate Professor
د. هيثم علي محمد الاشعري
Associate Professor
د. عبدالله اسماعيل عبدالله الحسنات

Assistant Professor
د.مهند ناصر عبد الله الحسنات
Assistant Professor
د. معاذ هاشم ابراهيم السفاسفه
المأمون نايف سليمان العثمان