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    Mining Engineering program was established in 2004, and it is widely known for its excellence in research and the quality of its graduates, many of whom have held key positions in the mining industry. Thus, the Mining Engineering Department mission is to preserve its position as a center of excellence at a national and international level in a variety of areas associated with mining and the metallurgical industry.   As technology evolves and the global economy changes, our students and researchers play a key role in defining the state of the art in mining. In close collaboration with industry partners, our faculty and students work to make mining operations safer, more efficient, more productive, less impactful on the natural environment, and more cost effective.The Mining Eng...
Faculty Members
أ.د. صلاح سالم ثاني الذيابات
أ.د هاني محيسن خليل النوافله
أ.د. رامي عقلة عبدالرحمن الرواشدة

Associate Professor
د. عواد حسني محمود الطيطي
Associate Professor
د. فراس يونس حسين اعيال الحصان

Associate Professor
د. محمد خليل سليمان دويرج