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Head of Department
The Faculty of Law / Department of Public Law   Welcome to the website of the Department.   The Department of Public Law was established in 2016, and it started with faculty members from within the university. The department offers courses in the general section of the law, namely criminal law, international law, administrative law, financial law, and constitutional law. These are the specialized requirements at the level of the bachelor's degree, which are taught by law specialists. The department also holds scientific seminars on the developments of local legislations, and makes field visits to the regular courts to review the penal procedures according to the applicable laws.   Our website is available for all students to access what they need. Your visit will deepen and st...
Faculty Members
أ.د. صالح فايز حامد الشراري
Assistant Professor
د. خميس عبدربه اسماعيل آل خطاب
Assistant Professor
عبد الله خضر سليمان الحميدات
Assistant Professor
waleed alalaya