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Electrical Engineering Department.

The Department of Electrical Engineering will provide programs of the highest quality to produce world class engineers who can address challenges of the new millennium. The Department has also initiated an B. Sc. program in 2014 in response to ​​the market needs.

The Department of Electrical Engineering will: Dedicate itself to providing its students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow its graduates to succeed as engineers and leaders, Maintain a vital state-of-the-art research, which provides its students and faculty with opportunities to create, interpret, apply and disseminate knowledge, and Prepare its graduates for life-long learning to meet intellectual, ethical and career challenges. The B.Sc. degree is awarded after successful completion of 160 credit hours in addition to practical training of not less than 8 weeks. The under​graduate curriculum provides a broad foundation in both standard and modern topics in electrical engineering.

The goals of the Electrical Engineering Department are to offer an innovative, design-oriented, accredited undergraduate program with concentrations in Electrical, computer, communication, electronics and signal processing engineering, educating and training students in the principles and methods of Electrical engineering, including the mathematics and science required to analyze and solve problems in different applications, developing skills pertinent to design, including the ability to formulate problems, work in teams, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing with those inside and outside of Electrical Engineering, providing abroad based education in Electrical engineering covering analysis, design, and application of modern Electrical engineering technologies.


Ahmad A. Salah (Assistant Professor)
Chair of Electrical Engineering Department

962-(03)2179000 (ext. 7585) | 962-(0)779879774 | Ahmad.Salah@ahu.edu.jo

P.O. Box (20) - 71111 Maan, Jordan

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