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The Department of English Language and Literature, ever since the establishment of the University in 1999, seeks to present a distinguished Teaching and Research  approach  in the fields of linguistics, Literature and Translation. It is devoted to equip students with the appropriate Language, research, and critical thinking skills. The department, in collaboration with counseling and community service center as well as the King Abdullah II development fund, provides numerous  student support services. The services include English Language workshops and training courses in the field of businesses administration and Hotel and business management.  


The Department offers a Bachelor degree program in English Language and Literature. Currently it has 552 students enrolled in the program and approximately 1680 students have graduated to date. 


Recently, the department has offered an MA program in Comparative Literature in which 26 students are currently enrolled. 


The programs offered by the Department are taught by 14 Academic Staff members. They are all well experienced Academic Staff members with a research performance that keeps up with the latest research found in Linguistics, Literature, and Translation in the most prestigious Universities in the World. 

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