List of Faculty of Arts

 The College of Arts at Al Hussein Bin Talal University strives to achieve its goals in keeping pace with the times, and works to develop its academic programs, stimulate scientific research, develop its performance and plans, and activate student activities in it, in a way that achieves a more distinguished and pioneering performance for the college, and in this it follows the university’s confident steps towards... Achieving its mission and translating its philosophy into reality. Today, it hosts the master’s program and takes its first steps towards graduate programs, in a qualitative shift that will cast its shadow on the future of the college. What the college has achieved since its inception is establishing quality standards in its academic programs, in its outputs, and in its internal systems and regulations, and achieving special accreditation standards at the level of the various academic programs in the college. Rather, it is the product of collective work, and the fruit of efforts that we have no choice but to pursue and continue working for development and improvement, and move to goals that have a greater impact in achieving ambitions, so that we can be like a good tree with a firm root and its branches in the sky.