Vision & Mission



The Department of Computer Science aspires to achieve leadership in education and scientific research in the field of computer science. The department should have a distinct research and teaching environment in its research, programs and curricula.


To prepare the distinguished scientific and professional competencies in the field of computer science and information, and to produce a promising and qualified national generation with high efficiency through providing excellent educational programs that conform to quality standards and contribute to the service of society in the fields of research, training and applied.



1. Provide students with knowledge as a prerequisite for practicing or conducting advanced studies in computer science, including scientific principles, rigorous analysis, and creative design.

2. Extensive learning of students, including knowledge of the importance of current issues in computing, with a focus on the necessary computer applications, both in the public and private sectors, or in the pursuit of higher education.

3. Developing communication skills, responsibility for teamwork and establishing professional attitudes and ethics, so that students prepare for the complex and modern working environment for lifelong learning.

4. Providing an environment that enables students to achieve their goals through an innovative system that is accurate, challenging, and open.


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