About us

The Department of Computer Science was established under the name of Information Technology in the first semester of the academic year 2000/2001 where it was affiliated to the Faculty of Science and one specialization (Computer Science) to serve the society due to the development of information technology throughout the world and to the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein And his continuing interest in this field.

Teaching in this section is a selection of professors who have a long history in science and education in computer science and universities.

In the course of his studies, the student learns the different programming languages, methods of analysis, systems design, databases, networks, security and artificial intelligence so that after graduation he can join the labor market in all fields. The department has an additional task in teaching the programming language in BASIC language and the computer computer for all university students.

The Department of Computer Science (8) includes laboratories that serve all students, all of which are connected to the Internet so that the student obtains the information at high speed and required quantity.

The department adopts the e-Learning System (E-Learning System) to become the leader in the Arab world. The system consists of Computerized Halls, Online Classroom,

The department seeks to contribute to national development through the preparation of distinguished cadres in the fields of computer science, which is characterized by a refined and integrated personality, so that it is able to keep pace with the requirements of the age and the needs of the labor market, and this is reflected in the adequacy of the graduates of the department and their graduation projects.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The number of credit hours required for obtaining a bachelor's degree in computer science is 132 credit hours. The program is a four-year pilot program to obtain a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. The program aims to prepare students to take positions in both the public and private sectors and the computer and education sectors, and provides them with opportunities to obtain a higher academic degree in this specialization and in various IT disciplines.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

The bachelor's degree is granted to students after completing the following requirements:

A - Success in all subjects required to obtain a bachelor's degree according to the study plan.

Obtain a cumulative average of not less than (60%).

C - The student must be registered at the university in the last two semesters and the semester is considered a classroom for this purpose.

D - not exceed the maximum period of graduation years stipulated in the university's instructions, which is seven years.

E. The student must take the university proficiency test in accordance with the decisions of the Higher Education Council. This examination is optional for non-Jordanian students.

Jobs available

A computer science graduate can have an appropriate opportunity to gain full knowledge in programming, in the field of software design and maintenance, and in the development of new software. It also provides many career opportunities in the field of information technology for graduates

Programmer, system analyst, system operator, computer system administrator, system developer, computer network administrator, database designer, computer lab supervisor, research assistant, web site developer, data entry, Or in functions for the implementation, testing and maintenance of large software systems and in computer service companies. Other functions in computer graphics, computer security, robotics, expert systems, distributed systems, and networking. A university degree can lead to any profession in industry, education, media, health, services, banking, entertainment and others.

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