.. Vision, Message, and objectives


The department's vision is to be a pioneer in preparing classroom teachers. In addition, the department seek to to carry out educational research and scientific studies.


Preparing a highly qualified teacher who is able to contribute to building a knowledge society and developing of the department's programs based on the requirements of the local and Arab community.    



The classroom teacher specialization aims to prepare competent classroom teachers, capable of effective teaching in the first three basic classes, as well as to understand theories and approaches related to the curricula, in terms of its foundations, means of planning and building, in addition to methods of evaluation and development. Introducing the student to the foundations and rules of teaching, in addition to providing Opportunity to study the window of teaching methods, and methods of application and practice.

 The kindergarten specialization aims to prepare specialists in the field of care and education of children in the nursery and kindergarten stage, according to the latest educational theories and practices.


The master's program aims to prepare qualified educational leaders in the methods of teaching the different curricula to be leaders in management and supervision in the educational field.

 The specialization of the General Diploma in Education aims to qualify graduates from academic educational specializations who hold a bachelor’s degree in education to carry out the burdens of the teaching profession, and then open the career field for them to engage in the teaching profession.

 The Diploma of Education in Information Technology program aims to achivie: Students' understanding of educational and psychological theories and their applications in learning and teaching situations.

Develop the skills of designing and producing educational aids and how to use them.


Acquire the necessary skills to design, produce, evaluate and develop educational computer programs


- Students' development of scientific research skills in the field of information technology, education, solving contemporary educational problems, managing educational projects, and analyzing systems.


- Use and management of educational and educational computer systems, and training on how to use them.


- Designing and managing e-learning and distance education websites and virtual universities within the framework of educational technology concepts.


The Professional Diploma Program in School Administration aims to:


- Specialized professional preparation for those expected to work for administrative positions in educational institutions.


Preparing specialists in the field of education who are able to prepare educational research to develop the performance of the departments of various educational institutions

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