Student success story Alaa Abdel Hadi

“when hardships approached with their soldiers, and eternity afflicted you after pleasure,


 Do not expect anything from a brother or a friend. Have you seen your shadow walking with you in the dark?!


And raise your hands to the sky above it, if you call to Him, He will lose you.”


 This is the saying and the curriculum of the life of the student Alaa Abdel-Hadi, a student of the Faculty of Information Technology at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, majoring in computer science, Alaa is a young aspiring youth who started his dreamy career from a young age, he always sought to be distinguished in different areas of life, and at every stage From his life he made a firm imprint that illuminated his future life. He began his advice with God’s help since he was young. He participated in learning several craft skills such as aluminum and paint. He continued his career to reach high school and then university to be always distinguished in his educational attainment. At the beginning of his university life, he participated in a number of works Volunteering at the university and in several institutions, he participated in the formation of the Error404 College of Information Technology team to raise the ceiling of volunteer work in the college, and this team had great voluntary work that contributed to refining the personality of the college students and helping them to consolidate information and increase understanding of the various college materials, the student Alaa joined the Center Jordanian Transparency as a volunteer before he became the official representative of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University in the center, and was the spokesman for the College of Information Technology during the visit of His Highness Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince of Jordan Covenant of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.


The distinguished student "Alaa Abdel-Hadi" was chosen as a representative of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, for his research paper entitled "Financial Disclosure and Combating Illicit Profit" within the national initiative "Universities Against Corruption", in which he won fourth place in the competition


To be selected by the UNDP to participate in the International Anti-Corruption Day Conference, which was held in Tunisia, as a representative and speaker for Jordanian youth.


 He also contributed to the formation of the College of Information Technology team under the supervision of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, who had a number of activities and initiatives in the college.




Alaa finished his university life and graduated with a very good grade. Like other ambitious youth, he started the journey to find work in his field of specialization (computer science), but luck was not on his side at first, in order to develop his abilities and skills and increase his chances of getting a job, he tried to work in more than one field Convinced that university degrees are not the only way to work, he entered the field of restaurants and cafes to move from more than one place, then worked as a sales representative in telecommunications companies. He is always looking for excellence wherever he is and wherever he is, to be an example of a successful ambitious young man on the scientific, practical and social levels, hoping that God will grant him success and correct his steps.

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