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Mr. Musa Al-Nawafleh


The Internal Control System Department was established in 01/05/2000 and pursuant to Article (35) of the financial system at the University of Al-Hussein Bin Talal No. (9) For the year 2000. And control work and functions of the instructions issued by the Council of Deans and the control system directly linked to the President of the University.

Seeking control system in his letter to reach the highest degree of success in the actual performance of the various university facilities, and through optimum utilization of human and material resources and scientific as required by laws and regulations and instructions, and access to the efficiency of high productivity and performance of administrative and academic special.

The Message:
Our message is the protection of the assets of the university from misuse, damage, or loss; all the financial matters are in accordance to the existing legislation; all the employees of the university are doing the work assigned to them according to the regulations and instructions.

 The Values:

  • Faithfulness.
  • Honesty
  • Transparency.
  • Teamwork.


The Internal Control System Department ensures that the meant targets have been achieved according to the designed plans and policies. It also aims at providing the presidency of the university with all the information and data about what's going on for the control, evaluation and accountability purposes. By so doing and in order to achieve this general goal, the Department is responsible of the financial, administrative and legal control as illustrated below.

  •  Auditing and Financial Control: Auditing and financial control ensures that the correct and proper functioning of the financial matters at the university and testing the accuracy of the financial operations and statements documented in the books and records to determine the extent of their compliance with the laws, regulations and instructions. It also aims at ensuring the administrative decisions which have financial effects are applied accurately in accordance with the laws and regulations at the university.

  • Administrative Audit: It’s responsible for checking up the administrative decisions and following up the procedures intended to protect the assets of the university from misuse, damage, or loss.

  • Legal Control: It ensures that all laws, instructions, decisions in force are well applied by all the staff as well as the officials of the university.


The internal control system functions and responsibilities of the following: -

  • Make sure the health and safety laws, regulations, instructions, and financial policies in force in the university.
  • To verify that each of the various university departments hold the records without the write-off or rub off or transfer or annotation in the margin.
  • Check the device manager that has occurred at the beginning of each fiscal year next to the serial numbers of the pages of books and other records used prior to use in the relevant departments.
  • To verify that any of the staff concerned did not sign a single document different
  • Ensure the correctness and accuracy limitations, and periodic financial documents and non-periodic and records.
  • Audit the accounts of warehouses and stores, records, books and records
  • Check all accounts secretariats and advances to validate the processes and make sure that you meet the installments on time and the settlement of advances after the end purpose of which.
  • Monitoring audit logs of various compounds to the university and its mechanisms.
  • Monitor the numbers of exchange, checks and orders, remittances and other notices of the limitation on the various accounts of the university and the value of each of them and the safety of signatures
  • To express an opinion on any subject of a financial nature, administrative, technical, legal, or at the request of the Rector
  • Review the conventions and restrictions and bidding terms of reference and ensure its safety and its implementation, and does not conflict with the laws, regulations, instructions and letters of guarantee and control certified checks issued against the tenders offered at the university
  • Check the write-off transactions, including exemption of supplies and to confirm the lack of write-off or exemption in cases and assets set forth in the regulations and laws and regulations in force in the University .
  • Monitoring other records that are installed for the import of the university data such as the arrest of students and the contributions of clubs and pay housing and other imports of different sources and to verify that the competent departments within and outside the university has to collect the money owed in due dates, and that these collections have been paid to fund the university and entered in the chapters and articles assigned to them in the university budget.
  • An inventory of coins, stamps, securities and other assets in the various university repositories to verify their compliance with the restrictions and ensure the safety of.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the university budget and examination of the final accounts and consider the reports of external auditors and ensure it is correct.

Contacts Info.:


009622179000 Ext. 8055