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Dr. Baha'a Al_Hwedi
Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery


     A university clinic was established with announcement of AHU to take care of health of the students as well as the working staff. the clinc, which belonged to the Deanship of Student's Affairs at that time, has been declared as University Health Center on 71th of February 2008.
This transformation entailed a number of developments in terms of quality of service. The mission of the AHU Health Center stems from the comprehensive concept of health which "entails a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being". With this insight, the AHU Health Center aims to enhance and maintain a good health of the students, faculty members & staff of the university. This is achieved by: Providing medical treatment and medication therapy Giving main concern to Health Education and Promotion throughout: Patients’ education (at individual level) Planning and implementing a variety of activities that promote public health awareness such as lectures, workshops, Live Radio Talk, etc.
 Furthermore, the University Health Center adopts the values of the university relating to improving the welfare of the nearby communities. As such, the center implements and participates in activities that promote health among different sectors of the community such as schools, youth camps and charitable societies.

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Dental Clinic
Emergency Room
Medical Laboratory
Health Records
Secretary and Administrative Assistance

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Tel: +962-3-2179000
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