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Prof. Feras Mahmoud Al Faqih,

PhD. Numerical Analysis



  We are a coherent Faculty that is strongly committed to teaching, research and community interaction including industry, professions, government agencies and alumni. Our strength is our staff members. They are young motivated and eager to prove them selves. The Faculty of Science is one of the university’s core science, technology and medical faculties. Starting with only 4 programmes since it was first established in 2000, the faculty has gone through major development and upgrading. The Faculty identifies its focus on fundamental sciences and application of the scientific knowledge. With close to 42 faculty members, the faculty provides outstanding and distinctive academic programmes. The Faculty provides a diverse range of studies and research areas through four departments: Biology, Chemistry Physics and Mathematics. The programmes offered are continuously reviewed in line with current developments in science and technology.

 Our staff members enjoy excellent employment prospects. A significant number of them progress towards doing research even though the faculty has limited research facilities, but they mainly depend on cooperation with colleagues in other faculties and other institutions. Their work is mainly supported by the dean of research, the national research fund at the ministry of higher education and research and international resources. A rough estimate of the published papers by a faculty counts 1.2 papers per year.

 The Faculty strives to continuously provide a dynamic environment that seeks to foster academic innovations and excellence in teaching, learning and research. In all of our activities, be in teaching, research or outreach, we aim to operate with a forward-thinking, results-oriented and community-responsive approach, in pursuit of realizing our vision of becoming a premier institution in science and technology in the south of Jordan.

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