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Dr. Osamah Marzouq Kraishan

PhD. Curricula and Science Teaching Methods/ Associate professor



Faculty of Educational Sciences was established through the board of trustees' decision no. 5 on 14 September 1999. It consists of (50) PhD and Mater holders. The faculty is looking forward to building national, Islamic and Arabian personality to its students. Also, , to let its students gain them to be transferred to their future students in schools in both public and private education. Again, to develop the conscious mind interacts with the new developments of life with a creativity spirit that can be Arabian, Islamic, authenticity through advanced teaching plans and programs. The faculty is doing its best to enrich the abilities of its members in particular of the university members in general through research, containing training program, seminars and workshops in different fields. The faculty is helping in developing the teachers' competencies of all specializations in the educational establishments.

The faculty focuses on developing positive attitudes with students and all the local community towards education and takes into consideration the developmental, social and invest mental not consumer process.   The faculty of education is looking to have new programs, such as educational psychology, guidance, administrative and foundations of education. To achieve that, a number of scholarships were decided for excellent students to get their master and doctoral certificates to enrich the faculty.

The faculty consists of the following:

1- Curricula and Instruction Department

2- University Requirements Department

3- Special Education Department

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