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The college seeks to maintain the principles of higher education in Jordan ; to promote intellectual achievment, to highlight the values of honsty, modesty, and justice in the academic medium; and to eliminate violence, isolation, intolerance, ignorance, and replace them with responsible, negotiations, tolerance, openness, and bright academic freedom.


  • The college of Arts promotes the philosophy of preparing a conscious and innvoative generation, who are looking into the heritage of their nation and who are consciouusly and objectively eager for modern scientific knowlegde.
  • Enforcing the bounds of interdependence between the fields of human knowledge, and to creat ways of unearthing knowledge to enrich the student experince.
  • Enforcing effective communication with the community in order to achieve the message of the college which aims at embracing a system of the finest values.
  • Promoting critical thinking and strengthening the sense of responsiblility among students.