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A foreign language represents a vital necessity for the community to positively interact with the scientific and technological advances in the world, be open to other cultures and civilisations and to benefit from the unique experience of others. The Jordanian youths’ cognizance of at least two foreign languages has become a pressing need to enable them to cope with the advancements and the developments of the modern world, to enter the world of competition and to excel through awareness of the achievements and the knowledge of developed nations.


For this reason, the establishment of the Department of Languages and Linguistics at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Al-Hussein Bin Talal was of remarkable significance. The university has always tried to excel in scientific and academic performance. Equally importantly, the university is ahead of other universities in the development of the specialty of German Language and Literature along with the specialty of the French Language and Literature. No doubt that these two Specializations constitute the nucleus of  new specializations which  will be developed in the future, God willing.


Through the two majors now offered and the other majors that will be developed in the future, The Department of Languages and  Linguistics aims to achieve the following principal goals:

First, to form a skilled cadre of youth eligible to use the foreign language very effectively for scientific, academic, and professional purposes.

Second, to enhance the openness of the Jordanian youth conscious of the global scientific and cultural achievements in order to enable them to move into regional as well as global competition.

Third, to contribute to the reinforcement of the Jordanian presence in the international arena through creating a generation of young people armed with expertise and necessary language skills, and conscious of the importance of the international corporation in various fields.

Fourth, to contribute to the process of the national development through the establishment of different leading organizations- linguistic, cultural or other- led by a generation of youth aware of the reality of the world and eager for development and update.

Fifth, to contribute to the development of the local community through rehabilitation of trained and qualified cadres needed to the local market in various fields relevant to the nature and position of the region.