About us
The Department Officer
Dr. Mohanad Hasanat
Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Computer Engineering (CPE) at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.   For more than a decade, our dream of innovation was started. Since its establishment in 2004, the department seeks to attract high level academic qualifications, and offers many Ph.D. scholarships for distinguished candidates to support the department's academic staff. Currently, the department has one Full Professor, three Associated Professors, two Assistance Professors, one full-time lecturer, and one scholarship candidate in the USA. Beside the high qualified academic staff, we have three lab assistance engineers, they are skillful and high qualified.   Department of Computer Engineering (CPE) has graduated more than 500 ...
Faculty Members
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أ.د.حسن محمد موسى الشلبي

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د. خالد محمود دوينع متروك

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د. هيثم علي محمد الاشعري
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د. عبدالله اسماعيل عبدالله الحسنات

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د.مهند ناصر عبد الله الحسنات
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د. معاذ هاشم ابراهيم السفاسفه
المأمون نايف سليمان العثمان