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The department of Civil engineering offers an undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of degree in Civil Engineering after successfully passing 160 credit hours. The department has been established in 2008 to graduate Civil Engineers closely committed to the advancement of science and technology that our world is witnessing today. The related field of Civil engineering has a bright future since that size of manufacture and growth is rapidly improving. This program focuses on necessary theories and practical technology in the design, measurements, surveying, transportation, pavement, foundation, structural analysis, reinforced concrete, steel, bridge, hydraulic and hydrology, water supply fields. This engineering program has the aim of promoting superior professional intellectuals in the...
Faculty Members
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د. احمد موسى سالم الدهامشة

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د. سليمان موسى مسلم الزيديين

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د. محمود بشير عبدالله الحسنات

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شذى عصر حمد الضلاعين

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م.فداء محمد سالم العمرات

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رفيده وهبي عبد الهادي الغصاونة

لؤي عايد عيسى الطرابلسي