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The Department Officer
  The Department of Biological Sciences at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University was established in the year 2004 to be recognized as one of the premier pre-professionals, allied health, and environmental science departments in the South part  of Jordan. The department offers bachelor's degree program (B.Sc.) in Biology. Teaching was commenced in the year 2004/5 with 26 students only. The total number of staff at present is 16, including 11 faculty members, and 5 laboratory technicians. Staff of Department of Biological Sciences conduct research and offer teaching programs in the following area the origin and evolution of plants and animals, interactions between living organisms and their environment, mechanisms of embryonic development, the structure and function of the livi...
Faculty Members
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د.عبدالرحمن محمد سعيد الطواها
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د. ابراهيم محمد ابراهيم الرواشدة
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د. خالد غازي ضيف الله الفندي

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د. يوسف محمود شتيوي أبو زيتون

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حمزه نعيم هنيه Hamza Hanieh
أحمد خليل عبيد المعاقبة

محاضر متفرغ
علي محمد ابراهيم العسوفي
محاضر متفرغ
حسين علي موسى النصرات