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     Enhancing Quality Assurance Management in Jordanian Universities”, EQuAM, is a Structural Measures TEMPUS EQuAM is one of TEMPUS program project funded by EU and comprises many Jordanian, European universities and quality assurance agencies. The main purpose of the project is to develop a comprehensive quality assurance system that is applicable to all public and private Jordanian universities. Al-Hussein Bin Talal University is a key partner along with other Jordanian universities. The budget of the project is 900,873.66 Euros, and the is allocated to finance many work packages and the project activities. AHU contact person is Abdullah Al-Maharmeh and the university's representatives are Abdullah Al-Maharmeh and Dr. Naseem Twaissi.



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Abdullah Al-Maharmeh

     Abdullah Al-Maharmeh is the Director of Planning and Quality Management Department at AHU and  has over 35 years of a progressive experience in Quality related issues and topics. He participated in developing quality assurance policies, procedures and strategic plans for education and services, has written AHU Quality Assurance Plan for the years 2007-2011 and in progress is the developing and formulating of the AHU Strategic Plan for Quality Assurance for the years 2012-2016.  He also participated in over 50 national and international conferences, workshops, and Seminars tackling quality issues in higher education sector and hands-on in implementing the plans into actions to achieve stated goals.

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Naseem Twaissi

     Naseem Twaissi has PhD in Total Quality Management, University of Huddersfield, UK in 2008. He is Assistant Professor. He is currently head of business Administration Department. He has four published Papers in refereed International journals, related to Quality Management.