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Department of Athletic, Artistic, and cultural Activities

    Department of Athletic, Artistic, and Cultural Activities is working per the Deanship's philosophy that aims to nurture healthy study environment among students, strengthen their firm belief in their abilities, and develop their particular skills and talents. The Dept. aims to create a generation of students who has a strong faith in their country and the Arab nation. In order to achieve these goals the Dept is preparing systematic programs and activities that will enable the students to grow up within their limits and capabilities to explore their potentialities and creativities.

     The Dept holds many athletic, artistic and cultural competitions to develop the students personalities and self- learning and their mutual interests. There are competitions in essay, short- story and poetry writing. The students are encouraged to practice their skills and capabilities in media to develop their communication and negotiation skills. To achieve this goal, the students are using the Newsletter "Al Haq Yalou" as a platform to practice journalism writing. There are many galleries and clubs for the students’ unique hobbies to practice drawing, calligraphy, musical, artistic activities and sports. The Dept. formed a folklore team that perform traditional dances and play traditional songs, the team is very popular at national level and participated in an international festivals. The Dept. is part of the Arab Universities Sport and Cultural Langue.