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Dr.Mohammad Rsai

science and mathematics education- Associate Professor


    Welcom to the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) website, at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (AHU).
    The deanship was established in 2001 to be responsible for organizing, supervising, promoting and supporting academic research, being the way for huge growth and technilogical progress.
    The deanship is supporting faculty staff from all disciplines to carry out research, publish their books, register patents, and perform scientific visits to recognized research institutions and universities, through the provision of grants and funding, from local resources and international insttutions.
Alot of effort is provided by DSR for managing the academic affairs of the AHU scholars, who pursue their graduate programs in Jordan and abroad.

To accomplish these goals, two important committees are shaped in the deanship:

  1.  Academic Scholarship Committees, which is efficiently administrating the affairs of the AHU scholars who pursue their graduate studies. The committee is chaired by the H.E. AHU president and consisting of  H.E. vice president, college's dean and dean of the scientific research.
  2.  Academic Research Council, which is concerned with assessing, evaluating, and supporting research proposals submitted by faculty staff for funding, proposing the research strategy that serves the AHU aims of enhancing, research activities relevant to developmental problems in Jordan, solving problems related to developmental projects and industry in the southern region of Jordan, providing funds for publication of research articles, manuscripts, textbooks, conferences and other publications, and finally proposing the annual research budget.