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Financial Management in Higher Educational Institutions: Challenges and Trends
18th of October 2012 Al Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Within the frame of Tempus Project “UNAM”, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University will hold a one-day conference to discuss the challenges and trends of the financial management in the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). Financing of the Higher Education in the current economic context will bring togethr speakers from universities, resreach institutes, govermant and private sector entities in Europe and the Arab Region. This confernce provides a forum for exploring innovative solutions that will allow insitutions to continue offering the high quality higer education upon which future economic growth depends.

 The conference to be held at Al-Huseein Bin Talal University – Jordan, features keynote speechs and panel discussions led by eminent thinkers and pratitioners working in postsecondary education sector. In this context, the speeches will cover numerous topics, including:

- Resources Management on the HEIs
- Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Controlling on the HEIs
- Fund Raising (the Public and Private Funding of the HEIs)
- Accounting & Auditing Standards and the Applicability within the HEIs
- Governance and Regulatory Challenges on the HEIs
- The Developmental Role and the Financial Challenges on the HEIs
- Relationship of HEIs with the Private Sector
- Accountability, Transparency and Autonomy Challenges within HE System